Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lenten Stewardship of the Earth

"Our ultimate purpose is to honor God as Creator in such a way that Christian environmental stewardship is part and parcel of everything we do. Our goal is to make tending the garden of creation, in all its aspects, an unquestioned and all pervasive part of our service to each other, to our community, to God's world."
-Calvin B. DeWitt, Reading the Bible Through a Green Lens

From The Episcopal Public Policy Network

Lenten Discipline: Practicing Stewardship

This week commit to one simple change in your routine that will conserve or reduce your impact on the environment every day. Replace one regular light bulb with a fluorescent compact light bulb and save up to 300lbs of carbon per year. Turn off electronic devices when you are not using them and save up to 1,000lbs of carbon per year. Take along reusable shopping bags and containers when shopping and save up to 1,200lbs of carbon per year.

There are some long-term changes you can make. If you are able, choose carpooling, taking mass transit, or riding a bike to work or to your next destination. If possible, develop an electricity use plan with your family and identify ways that each of you can save energy. Install a programmable thermostat to control home heating. Plant a tree.

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