Friday, March 6, 2009

God & Baseball

Some interesting articles on the web...

Spring training

Early this week was bitterly cold in these parts, but baseball's spring training is underway, and I am warm with anticipation for another year of God's game. (Yes, that's what I said, and believe.)

by Rev. Bill Tully, St. Bart's, NYC - Read the rest here.

Ten reasons why baseball is God's game

The story is told of the aristocratic English cricket supporter who dies and appears at the Pearly Gates. St Peter checks his list, but, alas, the old gentleman is not on it. “There must be some mistake,” the man protests, “I have a permanent seat in the Lord’s enclosure!”

Well, Lord’s may be the home of cricket, but if cricket is heaven – and I write as an American expat who has lovingly lived in the UK for over thirty years – then heaven is as the cartoonist Larson depicts it: a bored bespectacled soul sitting on a cloud, thinking (in his thought balloon): “Wish I had a magazine.” Cricket is indeed baseball on Valium, while baseball is “chess at ninety miles an hour” (Roger Kahn). Baseball is God’s game. And here are just ten reasons why...

by Kim Fabricius - You can find the 10 reasons here.


Someday when I have a moment, I will compose why I think soccer (football everywhere else) is God's game but the blog post and article are both well worth reading.

By the way, I like reason #5:

It has its saints – e.g. Lou Gehrig (the Iron Horse) and Jackie Robinson (the first African-American player of the modern era) – and sinners – e.g. “Shoeless” Joe Jackson (who took a bribe) and Barry Bonds (who is alleged to have taken steroids). And there is the Great Satan: the New York Yankees.


Go Tigers!

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