Monday, March 2, 2009

God, Grace & Sex

Two from the March issue of the Atlantic...

Very good articles.

The Velvet Reformation by Paul Elie

The place of gay people in the church is one of the bitterest disputes in Christianity since the Reformation. The Anglican Church is trying to have it both ways—affirming traditional notions of marriage and family while seeking to adapt its teachings to the experiences of gays and lesbians. Presiding over the debate, gently—too gently?—prodding the communion toward acceptance of gay clergy, is Rowan Williams, the brilliant and beleaguered archbishop of Canterbury. He’s been pilloried from all sides for his handling of these issues, but his distinctive theology and leadership style may offer the only way to open the Anglican Church to gay people without breaking it apart.

A Flock Divided by Justine Isola

Paul Elie talks about Archbishop Rowan Williams's balancing act, and the schisms threatening the Anglican Church. Interviewed Elie by phone and email at the end of January.

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