Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Faith & Healing

This Third Sunday of March, we will have our regular rite of healing following the service.

Time Magazine in February had several articles on faith and healing - some very against the idea.

The Biology of Belief

Faith & Healing: A Forum

Keeping (or Finding) the Faith

But some of the best comments come from the Inbox and people's response to those articles. I liked what one writer had to say...
In my opinion, health professionals who are able to recognize that physical illness is often accompanied by complex emotional and spiritual challenges, and who can competently and sensitively address these concerns in order to take care of the whole person, are the most likely to achieve the desired clinical response with better patient satisfaction.
Faith and Healing are complex issues but our faith does aid in our healing for God is at work in us. It takes faith to believe this and to understand God is at work making us whole.

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