Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Contraception and the Episcopal Church

There has been a lot of talk about contraception and what the Church should say about it...

In the Episcopal Church: "We believe that contraception and birth control are matters of individual conscience." is how I've seen it on the web and I think that is a practical way of putting our beliefs.

[For the record, birth control was condemned by the Lambeth Conference (of which the Episcopal bishops were a part of the meeting) in 1920 but by 1968, the bishops no longer believed in such a hard line. Even as the RC Church continued to condemn it, the Anglican bishops in Lambeth said they could not “agree with the Pope’s conclusion that all methods of conception control other than abstinence...are contrary to the ‘order established by God.’”]

For many people now, birth control is considered essential health care. Other churches, most notable the Roman Catholic Church disagree with birth control.  Even some businesses claim it infringes on their beliefs.

Rachel Held Evans has an important and thought provoking blogpost on this:


Read it.  I think she is spot on.

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