Saturday, October 24, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter - Fear, Priviledge & History

Ta-Nehisi Coates the author of "Between the World and Me" ponders race, religion and the fear of violence.

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White privilege, like all privilege, is hard to see when you possess it and impossible to miss when you don't. In this video, the Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas, a speaker at TI2016, addresses racial privilege in biblical times and will share more at Trinity Institute's annual theological conference in January 2016.

and finally, the op-ed piece in the NY Times on How Texas Teaches History is an important reminder that words matter and how we understand and express history, can either diminsh or uphold our fellow citizens. (A small excerpt)

In the excerpts published by Jezebel, the Texas textbooks employ all the principles of good, strong, clear writing when talking about the “upside” of slavery. But when writing about the brutality of slavery, the writers use all the tricks of obfuscation.

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