Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Problem with Symbols

They can change over time...
Years ago, I remember walking into a museum in Toronto and seeing a huge Buddha.  I forget how old it was but on its forehead was a swastika.  It took me by surprise. Had the Nazi's defaced it?

No, they hadn't.  In fact, the swastika is an old symbol.  Go here.

But for so many of us, it is a symbol now of hate, genocide and cruelty because of its prominent use by Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

The Confederate Battle Flag was designed and used during the Civil War. However, for many of us it is a symbol of hate, cruelty & slavery because of its prominent use by white supremacists and the Confederacy (which believed that African Americas should be enslaved.).  It became popular again in the 20th Century in the fight over the Civil Rights of African Americans.

Go here: Heritage, Hate and and the Juvenilization of Free Speech

We need to understand the meaning of symbols of today.

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