Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Outbreak

Having watched the news and read stories online, I am reminded that we are dealing with a new flu strain that we are just learning about but there is no need to panic or to lock myself in a room alone.

Precautions and proper hygiene are always essential and during this outbreak, very necessary to help protect myself and others.

The flu has come to Connecticut, see these CT Post articles:

Stratford man likely victim of swine flu

Southbury man is 'probable' swine flu case

Of course, the flu can always be deadly, see this CNN article:

Regular flu has killed thousands since January

What are we doing in the Church to plan and prepare? I am visiting these sites and gathering info.:

Planning for Pandemic Influenza (Episcopal Relief & Development)

Pandemic Influenza Planning for Parishes.pdf (National Episcopal Health Ministries)

Preparedness Plan for Pandemic.pdf (Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Davenport, Iowa)

Emergency/Pandemic Planning Powerpoint (Anglican Diocese of Niagara)

as well as...

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Barbara Whitlock said...

You can share your views about Swine Flu and, if you're local, you can get considered for Sunday print publication in the CT Post.

Has Swine Flu led you to stop eating pork?

I work for, who has partnered with many Eastern CT. I'm trying to find CT writers who would be interested in participating. /feel free to spread the word and share my email for anyone with questions.

Barbara Whitlock