Sunday, April 19, 2009

Save Darfur & Practicing Resurrection

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Around the country and across the globe, the Save Darfur Coalition is inspiring action, raising awareness and speaking truth to power on behalf of the people of Darfur. Working with world leaders, we are demanding an end to the genocide, and our efforts are getting results.

The key to our success is the millions of everyday citizens who have joined our movement. With you and other committed activists by our side, we will end the genocide.

We are an alliance of over 180 faith-based, advocacy and humanitarian organizations. The Coalition’s member organizations represent 130 million people of all ages, races, religions and political affiliations united together to help the people of Darfur.

That is one way to practice resurrection.

Holy One, Help me to know how to respond to the violence and pain and suffering in Darfur. I want to close my mind and heart, to not know. But I do know. With this knowledge, give me the courage to act. Fill me with your hope and your love. Blow through this country with the wind of justice and keep your people disturbed and restless until they join in a great cry for an end to the killing. Help those who are suffering to know they are not forgotten. And change the hearts of all who act from greed or hatred or fear. Help us to know how to join in your great transforming love. Amen.

To learn about other ways to practice resurrection, visit here.

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