Tuesday, May 12, 2015

#prayersof (Prayers of the People) General Convention 2015

from SSJE...
Brother, Give Us A Word will be helping collect Prayers of the People for the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, 24th of June 2015 through to the 2nd of July. For that period we will send an extra email a day in advance asking if you consider writing a prayer or sending an image on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #prayersof.
The prayers will follow one of nine themes, seven of which are the forms of prayer identified in the Book of Common Prayer: life, thanksgiving, praise, intercession, adoration, oblation, penitence, petition, and celebration. In preparation for this time of prayer I commend to a sermon by my brother Luke on the theme of Thanksgiving.

#Thanksgiving: Food on the Road – Br. Luke Ditewig 

"Look around right now: notice divine love in the ordinary stuff of life, in words and actions, your very breath and the stars above. God is with us and within us. God is still saving, refreshing and blessing us here. It says instead of complaining, give thanks for all heavenly food on the hard road that leads to life. Give thanks for manna and even more BBQ chicken"

We invite your prayers to the God of Life in words and images on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in the format #prayersof #Thanksgiving.
You may want to start “I give thanks…

On the day at General Convention when Prayers of the People are on the theme of Thanksgiving, Brother, Give Us A Word will have a short meditation on Thanksgiving and a link to a special audio Morning Meditation that the Brothers have recorded. Later that day Brother, Give Us a Word will send you a link to a special audio Evening Reflection on Thanksgiving.
To learn more please visit www.prayersofthepeople.org.

Yours faithfully,
Br. Geoffrey Tristram

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