Sunday, July 22, 2012

Watching the Olympics - Ryan Hall

There was a story in the Sports section of the NY Times last week about a marathon runner whose coach is "God."  I liked the story as it gave glimpse into the world of a marathon runner and one who also belives mightily in God.  He also seems like a well grounded young man!

Ryan Hall rocked slightly, palms up, closing his eyes or singing softly to lyrics projected on giant screens at the evangelical Bethel Church. Other worshipers jubilantly raised their arms and swayed and jumped in the aisles. A band played onstage and a woman waved a fabric flag like a rhythmic gymnast.

Thin and blond and boyish at 29 — flight attendants still asked his age when he sat in an exit row — Hall wore jeans and a blue shirt labeled with the shoe company that sponsored his running. At the 2011 Boston Marathon, he ran a personal best of 2 hours 4 minutes 58 seconds. No other American has run faster.

The Boston course is not certified for record purposes because of its drop in elevation and its layout. Still, of the 29 fastest marathon performances in 2011, Hall’s was the only one by a runner from a country other than Kenya or Ethiopia. His next marathon will come Aug. 12 at the London Olympics. On a Sunday in March, Hall firmly believed he could challenge the East Africans for a gold medal.

“Light a fire in me for the whole world to see,” he sang.

Go Ryan! (Chariots of Fire Theme Music) 
You can read the whole article here:  A Runner’s Belief: God Is His Coach By JERÉ LONGMAN (NY Times)

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