Saturday, July 21, 2012

Standing in the Silence

After hearing about the tragedy in Aurora, CO, the internet has been filled with commentary, thoughts, prayers and lots of emotion. Too much has been spent on our own feelings and too little on those most affected by this event.

One of the best responses I have seen is from the Huffington Post in an article called, "Reacting Faithfully to the Colorado Shootings."

In it, Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, Senior Religion Editor, says

The faithful response is to hold a vigil. The reason why it is so important to stay silent and be still in the immediate aftermath of tragedy is that if we respond or answer too soon we do not honor those victims who have died, and those who continue to suffer. Instead, our reactions serve the idols of our own agendas and ideas. Our reactions become about us and our egos, and only serve to distract away from the real work of compassion.

Read it all here.

Let me end with another article that was thought provoking, that of Roger Ebert in the NY Times.

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