Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup

It has begun, the beautiful game and the world championship.

Who better in Africa to kick it off then Desmond Tutu!
Tutu also used the occasion to speak of Africa as "the cradle of

"Every single one of you... from South Africa, or from Germany, or
from France, or anywhere... you are African now!" he declared, to whoops
and cheers from the large multicultural audience.

"We want to say to the world — Thank you for helping this worm to
become a beautiful butterfly,” Archbishop Tutu concluded.

Read the article here.

A prayer for the world cup:

God bless the 2010 World Cup: bless those who compete, and those who
watch, bless those who host, and those who visit, and help all who love
the 'the beautiful game' grow in the love you have given us to share.

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