Thursday, June 3, 2010

Its a shame...

The blown call at first base was awful.

Armando Galarraga should have had a perfect game, the 21st in MLB history.

After meeting Joyce (who blew the call), Galarraga said, "He understands. I give him a lot of credit for coming in and saying, 'Hey, I need to talk to you to say I'm sorry.' That doesn't happen. You don't see an umpire after the game come out and say, 'Hey, let me tell you I'm sorry.' He apologized to me and he felt really bad. He didn't even shower. He was in the same clothes. He gave me a couple hugs.

"I know nobody's perfect. What are you going to do? I was mad in the moment because I was nervous. I didn't know what to do. I was like celebrating. Then I looked at him."

Well handled by Galarraga! What's MLB going to do? Time for replay, I say.

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