Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Prayer for Peace by Bishop Sengulane

The fountain of all peace
(Peace with you, with ourselves, with our neighbours and nature)
We give you thanks for sending Jesus Christ as the Prince of Peace
And for sending the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth.
Forgive us for trusting on guns which destroy.
To put our trust in the saving and reconciling blood of Jesus poured on the cross and to turn our instruments of death and domination into means of saving lives and of promoting human dignity
Protect and free the prisoner, those abducted and refugees; and lead us to see and follow the ways of peace. All this we ask to the honor and glory of your name, through Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace and our Savior, AMEN

Prayer for Peace written by Retired Bishop Dinis Sengulane of Mozambique

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