Saturday, June 16, 2012

What are we passing on?

I have recently read two articles that are quite thought provoking and both touch on moral theistic deism that is rampant today.

The first, that we have gotten off track with our worship, it has become juvenile and not spiritually mature.

"Teenagers can legitimately follow Christ in adolescent ways, including participating in age-appropriate youth ministries. But those ministries must also help youth catch a vision for growing up spiritually. Churches full of people who are building each other up toward spiritual maturity are not only the best antidote to the juvenilization of American Christianity, but also a powerful countercultural witness in a juvenilized society."

Read the whole article.

The second, asks whether the movement to the open table is boomer lead and asks what millennials and others are looking for today.

"The Millennial generation does not imagine they are accepting or rejecting the Christian Faith--they imagine they are entering into formation for a new way of life, and they expect the Church to initiate, guide, teach, equip, and send them. What follows delves into how this may play out when considering the practice of "communion without baptism."

Also worth a read!

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