Saturday, April 14, 2012

God in the NY Times

Several articles last Sunday focus on religion and God:

Learning to Respect Religion By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

A FEW years ago, God seemed caught in a devil of a fight.

Divided by God By ROSS DOUTHAT

IN American religious history, Nov. 8, 1960, is generally regarded as the date when the presidency ceased to be the exclusive property of Protestants. But for decades afterward, the election of the Catholic John F. Kennedy looked more like a temporary aberration.

What Would Jesus Do at the Masters? by MAUREEN DOWD

THERE was a boys’ club, of course, a band of ardent, jockeying disciples. But as his fame grew, the messiah was also surrounded by women and talked about women with great respect. With his father far away, the golden boy was most influenced by his strong mother and the women in his inner circle.

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