Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Biblical Call to God’s Mission

"The great American Episcopalian biblical scholar and Christian educator, Verna Dozier once said: “If you can’t tell the Biblical story in ten minutes, you don’t know it.” Dr Dozier was a skilled and accomplished storyteller in the best of the African America oral tradition. For her, the Bible had a common thread, a common theme, a common message that runs from Genesis clear through to Revelation. And that common thread is that God loves the world and all that is in it, and God seeks to make all things new and whole.  For missiologists, scholars of the history and theology of Christian mission, the love of God for all of creation and the desire of God to make all things new is understood as God’s mission, God’s purpose, in the world. Thus for Verna Dozier, and for mission scholars alike, it is imperative that we see the Bible as an integrated whole with a clear and unified message. And that message has everything to do with the mission of God, the missio Dei."

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