Thursday, October 28, 2010

When you think of Christians & Gays/Lesbians...

Sadly its this picture that springs to mind.

It must make God weep to see some who claim to be followers of Jesus more interested in hate than living out the life that Jesus calls us to do.

A recent NPR Story (Religious Undercurrent Ripples In Anti-Gay Bullying) states:

The Department of Education sent a letter to schools, colleges and universities Tuesday warning them that failing to stop bullying could violate federal anti-discrimination laws. The letter comes amid growing concern that there may be a religious undercurrent to the harassment of teens who are seen as gay.

Consider Justin Anderson, who graduated from Blaine High School outside Minneapolis last year. He says his teenage years were a living hell. From sixth grade on, he heard the same taunts.

"People say things like, 'Fags should just disappear so we don't have to deal with them anymore'; and, 'Fags are disgusting and sinful,' " he told the Anoka-Hennepin School Board. "And still, there was no one intervening. I began to feel so worthless and ashamed and unloved that I began to think about taking my life."

Anderson told his story at a public hearing last month — a hearing convened because in the past year, the district has seen a spate of student suicides. Four of those suicides have been linked to anti-gay bullying.

Justin Anderson survived. Justin Aaberg did not. Aaberg, 15, loved the cello, both playing and composing numbers like "Incinerate," which he posted on YouTube. Justin was openly gay. He had plenty of friends, but he was repeatedly bullied in his school. In July, his mother, Tammy, found her teenage son hanging from his bed frame.

"They were calling him, 'Faggot, you're gay,' " she recalls. " 'The Bible says that you're going to burn hell.' 'God doesn't love you.' Things like that."

Read the whole story here.

What should we say to those being bullied? They are children of God and loved by God! Go here for a blessing for those who are being bullied.

We can also make a pledge to follow the Golden Rule. It simply says:
This is what I’m doing:
I pledge to treat others the way I want to be treated.
Will you join me in this pledge?
“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” (Luke 6:31).
Find out more here.


Fr. Warren said...

Good stuff Kurt. God hating anyone is, in my book, a theological impossibility. 'Nuf said.


Fr. Warren said...

Good stuff Kurt. I've never been able to understand any statement that claims God hates anyone. To me that's a theological impossibility.