Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Gladness 2010

Welcome to Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation's March Gladness!

March Gladness combines two of our favorite things -- Making Poverty History and the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Here's how it works. Like your regular NCAA pool, you fill out your tournament bracket -- picking each game in the field of 65 right up to the championship game. Like your regular pool it costs a little to get in. Like your regular pool, the people who do the best picking the games win the pot.

Here's where Madness turns to Gladness:

*Instead of an entry fee, there is a small donation ($10). CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION OF $10 PER BRACKET (Max. 5 brackets)

*Along with your bracket(s) you designate a nonprofit (must be an official 501(c)3) whose work contributes to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals that you will be picking for. Be sure and put "MARCH GLADNESS" and the name of the nonprofit you're picking for on the "Designation" line when you give.

*Fill out your NCAA men's basketball tournament brackets, picking the winners all the way to the national champion. (You'll need a Yahoo ID to do this. If you don't have one, it's OK, it's free, easy and zero risk -- click on "Sign Up" when you click to register) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR BRACKET - MAKE SURE YOUR BRACKET NAME IS YOUR NAME + THE NAME OF YOUR NONPROFIT (e.g. Michael Jordan -- Nets For Life)

*Instead of the winners taking home the pot, all money raised will be given to the designated MDG-related organizations.

*At the end of the tournament, all money donated will be given to MDG-related nonprofits with the following distribution:

1st place - 50%

2nd place - 25%

3rd place - 15%

4th place - 10%

That's it ... it's that easy. Invite everyone you know. The more people enter, the more $ in the pot, the more your favorite nonprofit gets when you win!

To begin.....visit our March Gladness Event on the EGR Facebook Page (!/event.php?eid=318258036524). Check he box, I will be attending. We will contact with instructions; how to sign up, pay your fee, and to fill out your bracket.

If you are not on Facebook or do not wish to join, you can sign up to receice instructions by emailing

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