Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where was God in the Earthquake?

Despite the absurd and ignorant rantings of Pat Robertson, all of us struggle in some ways with the horror we see on TV and the internet regarding the tragedy of Haiti after the horrific earthquake.

A priest on his blog asks:  Where Was God in the Earthquake? (Metanoia)

Precisely, the question we ask.  Read his blog post it is well worth it!

One quote from the post:
Theologian David Bentley Hart offers the best answer I know in his book The Doors of the Sea: Where Was God in the Tsunami?  He wrote it upon reflecting on the great tsunami that struck Asia in 2004.  Hart reminds us that "we are to be guided by the full character of what is revealed of God in Christ.  For, after all, if it is from Christ that we are to learn how God relates himself to sin, suffering, evil, and death, it would seem that he provides us little evidence of anything other than a regal, relentless, and miraculous enmity: sin he forgives, suffering he heals, evil he casts out, and death he conquers.  And absolutely nowhere does Christ act as if any of these things are part of the eternal work or purposes of God."

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