Thursday, July 9, 2009

Opening Address & Sermon

You can find our Presiding Bishop's:

Opening Address here.

Opening Sermon here.

(Both are in PDF format)

Both are worth the read.

Two quotes:

"The decision-making we face here is an opportunity to choose the direction of our journey into God’s mission. ... We will fail if we choose business as usual." (from Opening Address)

"If you read Ezekiel a bit more closely, you discover that the delivered promise of full larders and planted fields and repopulated cities is followed by repentance, by metanoia, getting a new mind – and a new heart. Once abundance is recognized, people begin to feel their hardened hearts. Abundant life is not only promised, but realized, and when we notice, we begin to accept the transplant. We will find more abundant life only in being poured out in giving life to the world. So, how will this heart push more lifeblood out into a languishing world? Can hear the heartbeat? Mission, Mission, Mission…" (from Opening Sermon)

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