Friday, July 3, 2009

40 Ways to Celebrate Our Interdependence

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40 Ways to Celebrate Interdependence Day on July 4
by Shane Claiborne 06-23-2009


I have some friends who have put together some brilliant ideas for ways of celebrating the Fourth of July as a day of Inter-dependence. After all, as people of rebirth independence seems to be a very counter-gospel value, but interdependence — interdependence on God and one another, this idea that we are not alone in the world — that is at the heart of the Story from which we come, the story that began long before America.

Here's 3 of the 40:

40. Go to a place where people are gathered and offer free hugs to all.

39. Babysit someone else’s children.

38. Pray the Lord’s Prayer and commit to one concrete action to live out each part.

Read more, including the entire list of 40, here.

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