Monday, March 24, 2008

Genocide Olympics?

China’s Genocide Olympics
Published: January 24, 2008
(The NY Times)

The Beijing Olympics this summer were supposed to be China’s coming-out party, celebrating the end of nearly two centuries of weakness, poverty and humiliation. Instead, China’s leaders are tarnishing their own Olympiad by abetting genocide in Darfur and in effect undermining the U.N. military deployment there. The result is a growing international campaign to brand these “The Genocide Olympics.”

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Using the broad stage of the Olympics to promote justice
by Emily Bloemker

I believe that the Beijing Olympics, and China’s support of the Sudanese genocide, are issues that Christians cannot ignore. So here are a few ideas: We must educate ourselves, first thing, if we are not already informed. A good place to start is Amnesty International, which is tracking China’s progress in the leadup to the Olympics.

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I think we should add the current unrest in Tibet to the list of what China needs to stop doing to honor the Olympics that are coming to its country!

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