Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Eat Local

Having had a wonderful time with the family at the Goshen Fair, I am reminded how often we forget where our food comes from and the farmers and such that work so hard to produce that food. Eating locally is good for us and the environment...

To find an agricultural fair, visit: http://www.ctfairs.org/

The reasons to choose local food are many and diverse.

For example (from the CT DOAG website):
  • When you chose CT Grown, you get the freshest, highest-quality products available.
  • When you choose CT Grown, you fuel your local economy by keeping your money and about 50,000 thousand jobs here in the state.
  • When you choose CT Grown, you support your neighbor. You also preserve open space, which lowers the demand for municipal services, and reduces your taxes.
  • The average food on an American’s plate has traveled 1,500 miles and 14 days from its source, losing precious nutrients the entire time.
  • CT Grown foods are fresher and healthier. They are better tasting and better for you and your family.
To find CT grown products visit: CT Dept. of Agriculture website and its publications listing.

1 comment:

Wayne Stratz said...

very good advice to the masses. Having a backyard full of veggies and herbs leads to emotions.

dread of winter when I can not step outside for a local veggie.

relief of winter to give my body a break from gardening.

saw you quoted Capon and Buechner in a sermon.... they are favorites of mine.