Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Episcopal Public Policy Network

The Episcopal Public Policy Network (EPPN) is a nationwide grassroots network of Episcopalians who call and write their members of Congress and the Administration to advocate positions of the Church. Members of the EPPN receive policy alerts updating them on what is happening in Washington, the Church's position on public policies, and techniques and information on contacting their government leaders. EPPN members also receive a congressional directory and action guide, legislative updates and newsletters, training in advocacy methods, online resources and sample letters.

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The programs, action, and ministry of the EPPN and the Office of Government Relations are based solely upon resolutions approved by General Convention, or in the interim, by the Convention’s Executive Council.

As Episcopalians, we promise in the Baptismal Covenant to "strive for justice and peace." Striving for a just and peaceful world can take the form of helping those in need one-on-one. It can also involve pursuing broad, social change through public policies designed to help the needy. The EPPN is committed to the ministry of justice and peace through public policy advocacy. Your national leaders need to hear from you, as Episcopalians. Each year, Congress considers hundreds of bills that impact the mission of the Church. Many organizations are actively engaged in the debates on Capitol Hill. If we are not, others wind up speaking for us. We have a Christian view of public policy that our nation’s leaders need and want to hear. Your letters and calls make a difference.

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We need more Spirit-filled voices to support the Church’s mission and to call for the promotion of the Millennium Development Goals, action on the global climate crisis, and support for reforms to the farm bill that will benefit farmers and poor and hungry people around the world!

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