Sunday, April 3, 2016

Season (Easter) of Prayer

Presiding Bishop calls for a Season of Prayer

The Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has called for a season of prayer for regions of the Anglican Communion which are experiencing violence and civil strife. “In this season of Resurrection, I call on everyone to pray for our brothers and sisters in areas where there is much burden and little hope,” the Presiding Bishop said.

In addition, in his Easter Message 2016, Presiding Bishop Curry addressed the situation in Brussels, noting, "The truth is even as we speak this Holy Week, we do so not only in the shadow of the cross but we do so in the shadow of those who have been killed in Brussels, of those who have been wounded and maimed, of those who weep and mourn. And of a world mourning, and not too sure how to move forward.”

Citing Galatians 6:2 - Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfil the law of Christ – Presiding Bishop Curry called for prayer throughout the holy season of Easter. Beginning on April 3, the First Sunday of Easter, and proceeding through Pentecost May 15, The Episcopal Church is asked to pray for a particular province or region: Burundi, Central America, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Middle East, Pakistan and South Sudan.
A Communion-wide call to pray for the crisis-torn country of Burundi (in Africa) and the role that the Anglican Church of Burundi plays in in bringing peace and reconciliation has been issued.
The situation in Burundi is deeply concerning and remains tense and unpredictable despite high level visits to mediate a settlement to the current political crisis. Both Archbishop Bernard Ntahoturi of the Province of the Anglican Church of Burundi and Archbishop Justin Welby have stressed the importance of prayer for the country. Archbishop Justin says: “Following my recent visit to Burundi I encourage churches and individuals urgently to pray for the deeply troubled nation of Burundi. Pray for its political, church and civic leaders. Cry to the God of all nations and peoples for its peace and the well-being of all its people.” Please join the Church in Burundi in prayer on the 2nd Sunday of Easter to ask God for an end of violence, a return to real peace & a political solution that will last and be the foundation for the development of one of the poorest nations in the world.

A Prayer for Burundi

For the beautiful but poor country of Burundi, we pray dear Lord. For the population living in fear and dread, afraid of the unknown and the uncertain, we ask for hope. For those fleeing in Burundi or abroad, we pray for safety, freedom from disease and famine and the security that they may return home. For those seeking the way of violence that they would instead seek reconciliation between all parties. For the surrounding countries that they may remain at peace, act justly and broker a just settlement. Enable an end to violence so that Burundi may become a beacon of peace rather than a place of fear and death. Strengthen your church to stand for the ways of justice and righteousness and to reach out in love to the suffering. We ask these things in the name of Him who carried all our human failings on the cross, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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