Monday, February 8, 2016

Souper Bowl of Sunday - #FlintWaterCrisis

For today's "Souper Bowl of Caring," all monetary donations in the soup kettles and the offering plate will go to #FlintWaterCrisis*; all canned goods will be donated to the Monroe Food Pantry.

*St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in downtown Flint & other churches serve as water distribution points to make sure the city’s residents had access to clean water. One of the ways churches are looking to respond to residents’ needs is by making sure they have access to healthy, fresh foods. Evidence has shown that foods rich in iron and vitamin C can ameliorate the effects of lead poisoning, said Rev. Scheid. “The issue is that much of the food that comes through the food bank is on the verge of spoiling and getting appropriate food from the food bank is a challenge,” said Scheid, adding that Flint is a food desert. “This is something we are looking at, could we do something to address nutrition in a meaningful way, could we purchase top quality food for distribution to families.” Another long-term issue is addressing residents’ spiritual and psychological needs. “The trauma, the fear and the anger of the adults, parents and grandparents, knowing that you may have given children contaminated water for months and months and the associated guilt,” said Rev. Scheid.

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