Sunday, January 31, 2016

Our Discipleship Project - 2016

Our part in the Jesus movement is our Call to Discipleship:

· Discipleship means learning to lead the lives we should as God’s people.
· Growing in discipleship involves prayer, study, worship and service.
· This is the path towards human flourishing and care for God’s creation.

In 2015, St. Peter’s Church began a journey together. A journey we are calling The Discipleship Project (based on The Restoration Project of the Rev. Christopher Martin). There is a hunger in the lives of all of us to be in deeper relationship with God. This is precisely what is promised by Jesus. Jesus is the way to come to know God personally, intimately and reliably, like a loving parent…like a father or mother.

To that end, we began a project to focus on “Pray & Worship & Serve,” which represents three practices that are part of the foundation for disciples of Jesus. These disciplines will not only satisfy one’s desire to serve and please God, but are in fact the very means by which we come to know and love God better.

20+1+5 = three ancient practices, commended to all by Holy Scripture and perfected by countless years of human experience:

20 – Pray twenty minutes a day.
1 – Worship one hour a week.
5 – Serve five times a month.

We are restoring ourselves and our community through 7 Core Christian Practices:

• Pray
• Worship
• Serve
• Give
• Learn/Study
• Listen
• Join

If you want to know God better and be a more faithful disciple, please join us in this project dedicated to nurturing disciples of Jesus. This is an invitation to spiritual depth, as we give, learn, listen and join in this discipleship. Our Discipleship Project joins a movement of churches that have developed reliable and well-tested structures for spiritual growth. We are a learning community of Christians. You are invited to explore and join this movement in 2016. Not simply a program but an entire way of being that affects everything you do.

“So much in our lives has obscured our God-given beauty. The integrity of the likeness of God has broken apart; the foundation has not been firm. We have tried to fix things and often made it even worse, and the environment in which we live can be toxic, violent, and aggressive.” This project helps restore the beauty and clarity of our relationship with God. ~ Rev. Christopher H. Martin.

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