Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Prayer for the World Cup

O Lord, bless the athletes, their coaches and all those involved in the World Cup so that no evil might happen to them. Bless Brazil during the World Cup so that every visitor would be treated with kindness and loving care. We remember those in Brazil who struggle to make ends meet. May the government invest in essential services for all communities. As we enjoy the skills of the players, many of whom are paid so well, may we remember the plight of the poor, in Brazil and around the world. As we enjoy the World Cup, grant fair play and respect for all, so that the tournament might inspire peace around the world.  And as we reflect on the dedication and excellence of the World Cup players, may we have this same dedication for the kingdom of God! Amen.

(adapted from the Prayers for the World Cup, by Archbishop Francisco de Assis da Silva)

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