Thursday, February 20, 2014

Prayers for the Ukraine

A Prayer for Reconciliation in Ukraine

O God of grace,
we pray for the unrest in Ukraine.
We pray for those whose love of neighbour
has been destroyed in the bitterness of enmity.
May fear be submerged in compassion.
May distrust be diluted by hope,
as a vision of peace illuminates
darkened minds and hate-filled hearts.
We pray in the name of Christ,
our source of light and love. Amen.

A prayer for the people of the Ukraine

Eternal God,
in your perfect realm
no sword is drawn but the sword of righteousness,
and no strength known but the strength of love:
We pray that the people of the Ukraine
may find solace, peace and security
in love which casts out fear,
in respect which restores brokenness
and in the tranquility which heals disorder.

(Adapted from prayers by the CofE)

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