Friday, January 10, 2014

Baseball Hall of Fame - Sinners or Saints?

There has been a lot of discussion lately regarding the Baseball Hall of Fame and who gets voted in and those who do not.  Lots of talk about "character", cheating and who did or did not use.

Two very good articles are here:

And a good follow-up

But I keep wondering what is the purpose of the Hall of Fame?

The HOF has people in it who have cheated, whose character in any light is terrible and many are missing who should be in it who have nothing to do with the whole "steroid era."

It is missing people who have done incredible things on the ball diamond.

There are sinners and saints in the HOF; I think many more should go in, including Bonds, Clemens and Pete Rose (the player).  Its time to have the best players inducted.  If they have done something to negativly impact the game, then name it.

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