Friday, August 16, 2013

Spirituality vs. Spirituality

I recently read two articles battling out the idea of spirituality:

On one side, is the Spiritual and Religious
Why Christians need the church: An interview with Lillian Daniel by Jonathan Merritt

LD: Any idiot can find God alone in the sunset. It takes a certain maturity to find God in the person sitting next to you who not only voted for the wrong political party but has a baby who is crying while you’re trying to listen to the sermon. Community is where the religious rubber meets the road. People challenge us, ask hard questions, disagree, need things from us, require our forgiveness. It’s where we get to practice all the things we preach.

On the other is the Spiritual but Not Religious
A Response to Lillian Daniel and a Defense for the Spiritual But Not Religious
By David Hayward

The SBNR people I know are not a homogeneous whole but a diverse diaspora. For the most part, the ones I know are humble but confident. They are unusually deep and find ingenious ways of dealing with difficult situations. They are spiritually complex and fascinating. They hunger for a community they’ve concluded the church cannot seem to provide. They are fiercely and even defiantly independent. And they quit the church because they felt restricted, controlled or even harmed by the system, its ideology and the people who govern and administer them. They left because they concluded “I don’t need this!” and they have discovered they’re right! They don’t need it. The church is no longer on their landscape of duty, demand or desire and there’s nothing the church can do to change this new geography. And it’s frustrated.

Interesting arguments, but I grow tired of the us vs. them motif.

How can we in our different Spiritualities work together for a better world?

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