Monday, October 29, 2012

Prayer before the Storm

O God of heaven and earth, as the storm, a force of creation, approaches, we ask that you grant us safety as it blows through our homes and our lives. Protect us and shield us from all harm. Guard us through the upcoming days and grant peace of mind to those living in fear. Grant food and clothing, warmth and shelter to those in need. Bless emergency and rescue workers with the tools and skills they need as they risk their lives for the sake of our families, communities and friends. Grant healing to those who are sick or injured. Bless us with common sense throughout the storm and with kinship and cooperation when the storm passes so that we may serve you in love. We ask this in the name of the one who stills the storm, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

From the Rev. Jennifer Phillips

God our refuge and our strong defense:
Be with those tossed by tempest at sea,
those fearing the floodwaters coming over them,
those enduring the bitter and isolating blizzard snows.
In the name of your child Jesus, who slept unafraid in the storm
and calmed the raging of the wind and sea,
and who walked across the waters as his friends rowed in anxiety,
strengthen, protect and sustain those in need this hour
and uphold them with your Spirit and your hope. Amen.

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