Sunday, August 7, 2011

Looking at Religion (in the NY Times)

Last weekend, there was a couple of articles that caught my attention.

The Man Behind the Anti-Shariah Movement
really tells the tale of one person who made a ripple, that became a movement based on the fear of "Islam."

In Afghanistan, Rage at Young Lovers
shows us what happens when old customs and religion confront new realities.

Coming Together to Pray, and Also to Find Reduced-Rate Energy Deals
is an example of how diverse communities of faith can come together to be better stewards of the earth and to lower their bills!

From yesterday...

Prayer Rally Draws Thousands in Houston is an example of a way to engage the public in praying for the needs of this country. However, sadly it is also an example of how partisan and how one sided this prayer can become.

One response has come from Roger Ebert (He gives it a thumbs down): The Error of Political Prayer

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