Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where is God in the tornado?

As new reports come in from Joplin, MO and the terrible death and destruction there, just upon the heels of the outbreak of Tornadoes that devastated several states, we continue to ask where Go dis in all of this.

For some, it is divine intervention that saved them.

Read this article from the NY Times:

Recovering from Twisters

“That’s lucky,” I said.

“That’s God,” he said.

Another news source: WEST MISSOURI: Church members 'shocked and dazed' but safe after deadly tornado

One of the best stories I heard from these terrible events:
“That’s where Squirrel stayed,” Carolyn said, pointing across a small pond. Squirrel wasn’t his real name, she assured me, but she didn’t know his real one. He had survived, but his trailer was gone, lost in the blast thicket. Worse, he’d been unable to find his dog.

It came trotting back a week after the storm, while they were out picking through the wreckage. They found some rope and tied it to something heavy. Somebody called Squirrel. He left his job and raced over in his truck. “My dog, my dog,” he said over and over, embracing the animal. Carolyn grinned widely, telling about it. “He was so happy,” she remembered. “He kept saying: ‘I don’t care about my house. I don’t need a house. I got my dog, man. I got my dog.’ ”

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