Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Eucharistic Poem

I found this lovely poem the other day as I read through Wendell Berry's A Timbered Choir.

It struck me as poem that would fit well with our understanding of Eucharist and the journey we each take to find such a welcoming place where wine and bread are offered.

Remembering Evia
by Wendell Berry

We went in darkness where
We did not know, or why
Or how we'd come so far
Past sight or memory.

We climbed a narrow path
Up a moon-shadowed slope.
The guide we journeyed with
Held a small light. And step

By step our shadows rose
With us, and then fell back
Before the shine of windows
That opened in the black

Hillside, or so it seemed.
We reached a windy porch
As if both seen and dreamed
On its dark, lofty perch

Between the sky and sea.
A lamplit table spread
Old hospitality
Of cheese and wine and bread.

Darker than wine, the waves
Muttered upon the stones,
Asking whose time it was,
Our time or Agamemnon's.

The sea's undying sound
Demarked a land unknown
To us, who therein found
Welcome, our travel done.

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