Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Houses Of Worship Open Doors To Swine Flu?

There is a story on NPR by Barbara Bradley Hagerty that begins to explore the effect of the H1N1 virus on our worship.

You can read it or listen to it here.

I think such news is a bit overblown, and I would like to think that some common sense can help us:
  • If you are sick, stay home (I can bring communion during the week, give the office a call!).
  • We have a hand sanitizer in the back of the church, please use. There are tissues available too.
  • I advise communicants not to intinct if they have any infection or are getting over an illness (beyond the contagious stage).
  • Same with shaking other people's hands.
  • For those at special risk, the use of the bread (wafer) alone is safest.
Any questions or concerns? Speak to me.

Click here for good information on the flu: Early flu season — what you need to know

or here at the CDC.

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