Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Holocaust of WW II

The Holocaust happened.

Over 6 million Jews as well as gays/lesbians, Roma, mentally/physically disabled persons were murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators.

Sadly there are still too many who think it never happened be they a Bishop reinstated by the Vatican or the President of Iran.

To read more on this, look here:

The Holocaust Furor and the U.S. Bishops function
Published: January 30, 2009 - NY Times

Does the Roman Catholic Church believe that popes, in conducting the ordinary affairs of the church, can never make mistakes? Ask any Catholic bishop that question, and he will reply, “Of course not.”


One would expect that at least one U.S. bishop would have questioned Pope Benedict's action in revoking the excommunication of four bishops, including one who has denied the Holocaust.

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and read this:

Holocaust by bullets: French priest digs up beginnings of Nazi genocide

AP Photo
AP Photo/Anonymous

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) -- The Holocaust has a landscape engraved in the mind's eye: barbed-wire fences, gas chambers, furnaces.

Less known is the "Holocaust by Bullets," in which over 2 million Jews were gunned down in towns and villages across Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Their part in the Nazis' Final Solution has been under-researched, their bodies left unidentified in unmarked mass graves.

"Shoah," French filmmaker Claude Lanzmann's documentary, stands as the 20th century's epic visual record of the Holocaust. Now another Frenchman, a Catholic priest named Patrick Desbois, is filling in a different part of the picture.

Desbois says he has interviewed more than 800 eyewitnesses and pinpointed hundreds of mass graves strewn around dusty fields in the former Soviet Union. The result is a book, "The Holocaust by Bullets," and an exhibition through March 15 at New York's Museum of Jewish Heritage.

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