Friday, May 2, 2008

What is the Vestry working on?

Ever wondered what your vestry is reading, studying, working on?

Here is an excerpt from the book we are currently studying...

"From the beginning, God has been about the business of creating, reshaping, and making things new. The record of Scripture is filled with images of a God who turns things upside down in order to get them right-side up, and creates something from what would seem to be nothing. Open the Bible to almost any page and you will see the evidence. In the beginning the Creator God takes the formless, watery void and brings forth life with a word and a touch. Later, we meet Abraham and Sarah, the unlikely patriarch and matriarch of Israel, both too old to expect to be the new parents of a great, holy people. Then we greet Moses, the stumbling, mumbling, ever-reluctant prophet and leader of Israel."

You can read this meditation in it entirety here:

The God of Transformation by Stephanie Spellers (from her book Radical Welcome)

And here is an excerpt from an interview:

NS: What are some of the common factors you've seen in these different people and places that are doing transformation?

SS: I’ve seen a lot of prayer going on. I think that prayer is where we get to that centered place, where we know that this transformation is of God and where we know that this transformation will not destroy us. Where we know that we have the courage and the strength and the energy to walk this journey toward transformation. Communities that are prayerful about the transformation seem to live into it really beautifully – and I think there are communities that are listening to each other. So there's the listening to God and then there are moments when they are able to listen to each other.

Read the entire interview here:

The God of Transformation: An Interview with Stephanie Spellers

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