Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Win-Win Episcopal Buckeye/Tiger Challenge

(from the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio)

More than two years ago, Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. On Jan. 7, 2008, the Ohio State University Buckeyes will take on the Louisiana State University Tigers in the same stadium that offered refuge in the days following the hurricane.

Today, thousands of people still are homeless. The people of New Orleans need our help. Bishop Breidenthal asks the people of Southern Ohio to join him in this win-win challenge. Make a pledge now to donate to the Diocese of Louisiana each time the Buckeyes score. It’s a win for OSU fans -- and a win for New Orleans.

Louisiana Bishop Charles Jenkins welcomes the assistance from Southern Ohio.

"I wholeheartedly accept Bishop Breidenthal’s generous challenge, although I am concerned that the Buckeye fans won’t have to buy very many Bundles of Hope. We know they will have a hard time scoring against the Tiger defense," he says. "We truly appreciate the volunteers and the donations from the Diocese of Southern Ohio, and we are grateful for the help in rebuilding New Orleans."

The Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana has established a program for supporting the recovery effort called “Bundles of Hope.” A $20 donation buys a Bundle of Food, while a $50 donation buys a Bundle of Care, helping provide wellness and medical care. The bundles are available at $100, $250 and $1000 levels of giving as well. Visit Bundles of Hope at to learn more.

How to help: (anyone can join in)

• You decide how much you want to pledge (i.e.: a bundle of food or care for each touchdown or field goal).

• After the game, donate safely and securely online at
or send your check directly to the Diocese of Louisiana at

Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana
P.O. Box 5026
Baton Rouge , LA 70821


I am taking up the challenge, BUT, as you can see I changed it a bit...

I will be pledging for the LSU Tigers. Go Tigers!

Take up the Bishop's challenge!

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