Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Advent Prayer

Most gracious Lord, by whose direction this time is appointed for renewing the memory of your infinite mercy to us in the incarnation of your Son Jesus; grant that we may live, this holy time, in the spirit of thanksgiving, and every day raise up our hearts to you in the grateful acknowledgment of what you have done for us.

Besides this, we ask your grace, O God, that we may make a due use of this holy time, for preparing our souls to receive Christ our Lord coming into the world at the approaching solemnity of Christmas.

Christ came into the world to do good to all. Grant, O God, we may thus prepare to meet him. Grant we may be watchful at this time above all others, in avoiding every thing that can be injurious to our neighbors, whether in afflicting them, or giving them scandal, or drawing them into sin, or casting any blemish on their reputation; but in all things O God, may we follow the spirit of charity, being forward in bringing comfort and relief to all, as far as their circumstances shall require, and ours permit. Grant, O Lord that we may prepare to meet our redeemer. Amen.

From John Goter, 17th Century (adapted)

(This is the Advent Prayer mentioned in my sermon and was read at the Christmas Tree lighting.)

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