Tuesday, June 26, 2007

When Preaching Flops (from NY Times)

When Preaching Flops By DAVID BROOKS
Published: June 22, 2007 (NY Times)

A little while ago, a national study authorized by Congress found that abstinence education programs don’t work... But in this realm, nobody has the right to feel smug. American schools are awash in moral instruction — on sex, multiculturalism, environmental awareness and so on — and basically none of it works. Sex ed doesn’t change behavior. Birth control education doesn’t produce measurable results. The fact is, schools are ineffectual when it comes to values education. You can put an adult in front of a classroom or an assembly, and that adult can emit words, but don’t expect much impact.

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I would argue that values, meaning, etc. must come from the home first and from the beginning, otherwise the impact from schools is very little. Schools can reinforce our values but they start at home.

I believe its also the same for the Church. The Church can wonderfully reinforce the values and meanings we give at home, but they cannot take the place of the needed work that parents must do with their children.

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