Saturday, March 31, 2007

For Holy Week

To aid you in your journey of Holy Week...

John T. Townsend, "A Liturgical Interpretation of Our Lord's Passion in Narrative Form" (go half way down the page for the Narrative, the explanation at the top of the page is helpful, John Townsend was a professor at the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, MA.)

Collision Course: Jesus Final Week by Marcus Borg & John Dominic Crossan

Tenebrae Service (which we use on Holy Wednesday)

Brushstroke Meditations: Lenten Gospel Reflections through Chinese Characters (Holy Week: LOVE / AI) This series on Chinese calligraphy for Lent comes from Rev. Elyn MacInnis in Shanghai, China. She is delighted to share with you the deep spiritual wisdom and understanding that she has discovered in the roots of Chinese characters.

A Prayer to Go to Paradise with the Donkeys by Francis Jammes (Poem)

"Not my will, but thy will be done! And when you can cry that, you stand up amid life with an exuberant joy. You know that God walks with you. Even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you know that God is there. Even though you stand amid the giant shadow of disappointment, you don’t despair, because you know God is with you." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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