Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tanzania & My Own Reflection

To learn more about the Primates Meeting, their communique, and the responses:

A closer look at Anglican debate on gay issues
The Episcopal Church's presiding bishop asks for patience as the church -- and the denomination -- tries to forge a compromise. A great summary.

Find it here (from the LA Times Online, you need to register but its free)

A Divide, and Maybe a Divorce
U.S. churches divided over homosexuality

Find it here (from the NY Times (in Sunday's "Week in Review" section), you need to register but its free)

Our own Diocesan Bishop, Andrew Smith, is quoted in this article at the Hartford Courant here.

The Presiding Bishop's reflection is further down in my blog. She will have a live webcast on Wed, Feb 28 at 10 AM EST, go to the Episcopal Church's website here.

My Own Reflection

Some of you have heard some of what I will write.

I believe the primate's communique is a mistake, because
  1. It sets a deadline we cannot meet (Sept. 30) if we are to properly respond
  2. It ignores the role that laity and clergy play in our national decisions
  3. It tries to paint us into a corner regarding our pastoral support and charity toward our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters
  4. The language is threat and coercion (ultimatum: do this or else)
  5. It doesn't engage us in mission and ministry but in institutional parlor games
  6. It feels like it could have been written by the Vatican, that is, its all about the institution (the Anglican Communion) and has no real connection to Christians living and ministering in our world today. Its all about principalities and powers.
I am inclined to give our new Presiding Bishop room to maneuver on the communique and our response, especially if the primatal vicar is worked out within our polity and not forced from beyond our borders. Her webcast will be revealing.

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